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Motion Controllers

You don't have to give up other design criteria in return for impeccable performance. OMS products connect with many industry-standard interfaces, are extremely flexible due to their modular design, offer a rich feature set for comprehensive movements, fit even the tightest design envelopes and are surprisingly affordable. When "off-the-shelf" won't work for you, OMS will customize product platforms to ensure that you get exactly what your application requires.

Whether you're interested in motion controllers, accessories, drivers/amps, motors, or our legacy products, OMS has solutions. To browse the complete line of high-performance multi-axis motion control solutions, click on the product of interest.


OMS Motion Inc. is a powerful motion controller provider that offers precise motion control for industrial machines. Our controllers are designed to be used with any standard machine interface, making them extremely versatile and easy to integrate into new or existing systems. The advanced technology we employ at OMS Motion Inc. allows for accurate positioning and smooth speed control while delivering real-time feedback on system performance. This ensures consistent performance and reliable operation in any environment. Request a quote today to get started on your distinct motion controller interface demands!

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