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The UMX motion controller communicates through a standard USB port and is compatible with the PC78 and PCIx controller families with 2-4 axes of control. The UMX supports up to 12 general purpose TTL I/O bits, eight of which are user definable. Measuring about 3.3” x 3.5” the UMX is a very compact controller and the USB port makes communications very simple. The UMX can control up to 4-axes of open-loop stepper motors, closed loop stepper motors, or servos on the single control board and is available with an optional enclosure.


The step pulse is a TTL level 50% duty cycle square wave that supports velocities of 0 through 1,044,000 pulses per second.  The encoder feedback functionality supports quadrature encoders up to 12 MHz at 4 times the encoder line resolution and is used as closed-loop feedback for the stepper axes or as independent position feedback. The encoder feedback can provide slip and/or stall detection. Each axis includes dedicated +/- over travel inputs, a home input, and an auxiliary output.



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