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UMX Motion Controller


The UMX motion controller communicates through a standard USB port and is compatible with the PC78 and PCIx controller families with 2-4 axes of control. The UMX supports up to 12 general purpose TTL I/O bits, eight of which are user definable. Measuring about 3.3” x 3.5” the UMX is a very compact controller and the USB port makes communications very simple. The UMX can control up to 4-axes of open-loop stepper motors, closed loop stepper motors, or servos on the single control board and is available with an optional enclosure.


The step pulse is a TTL level 50% duty cycle square wave that supports velocities of 0 through 1,044,000 pulses per second.  The encoder feedback functionality supports quadrature encoders up to 12 MHz at 4 times the encoder line resolution and is used as closed-loop feedback for the stepper axes or as independent position feedback. The encoder feedback can provide slip and/or stall detection. Each axis includes dedicated +/- over travel inputs, a home input, and an auxiliary output.



OMS Motion Inc. offers the ultimate motion control experience with their UMX motion controller and USB interface. This highly advanced system is designed to give users precise and accurate control over the movement of robots, mechanical systems, and other types of automated machinery. The UMX system delivers smooth performance and intuitive movements. Learn about how our system can serve your application today!

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