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OMS HistoryThe Company in Motion

OMS Motion has been producing advanced world-class motion control products for 40 years.  Originally founded as Oregon Micro Systems (OMS) in the early 80’s the company built superior motion control products based on patented technology and served markets such as the semiconductor equipment and life-science applications as well as large scale research projects, medical, factory automation and others.  In the mid 90’s OMS joined the Pro-Dex family of companies (a publicly traded company) where OMS operated as the Oregon division of Pro-Dex.  In January 2017 OMS Motion, Inc. was formed and the original management purchased the Oregon division of Pro-Dex.  This acquisition allows OMS to completely commit and focus on the business of motion control and provides OMS with a new operating environment in which to develop new and innovative products.


OMS has delivered precision motion controls including PCI, PC/104, ISA, and VME bus-based controls as well as Ethernet, RS232 and RS485 interface controllers to the global marketplace. Nearly 1,000,000 axes of OMS motion control are currently in use around the world, demonstrating proven reliability and leadership. In addition to motion controllers, OMS offers software, motors, drives and integrated drives & controls, as well as accessories and custom design solutions.


Whether it’s vital medical applications, precise semiconductor equipment, or advanced scientific research, OMS is trusted by engineers who require reliable performance. OMS products offer an extremely flexible design, providing impeccable performance. The products connect with many industry-standard interfaces, have a rich feature set for comprehensive control commands, and are easy to use. OMS can also customize product platforms to fit your unique application needs. OMS is committed to your success.

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