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MAXv Motion Controllers

MAXv motion controllers use a 266-MHz, 32-bit Risc processor (PowerPC) to run 1 to 8 axes on a single card in VME and VME64 (64-bit) compatible computers.  VME format boards typically find use in defense and aerospace applications, as well as in government labs and R&D instrumentation. User-selectable axis types include open or closed stepper and 16-bit analog servo. Independent analog inputs bring parameters such as temperature and pressure under the control of the running application. Two additional encoder inputs boost precision and control. 


The servo loop consists of a PID filter with feed-forward coefficients and an update rate of 122 µs for all axes. Independent plus and minus limits, a home switch input, and an auxiliary output monitor axes state. An additional 16 user-definable I/O synchronize and control other events at the same 122 µs update rate. Electronic gearing can either track another motor or manual input device such as an independent encoder. The bus interface uses shared memory technology to communicate both commands from the host and feedback of motion control parameters, eliminating the communication bottlenecks of single-address, port based approaches.


MAXv controllers use the PowerPC's message unit including doorbell technology to alert and flag the host or controller. Interrupt control and other data are available through reserved storage regions in the common memory area. Simple two or three character ASCII commands go to the board from high-level languages, such as C, C++, and Visual Basic, while complex move sequences, time delays, and control of other external events program through the MAXv interface. Commands form character strings to create sophisticated motion profiles that include IO and other functions.

OMS Motion Inc. is a world-leading manufacturer of motion control products, including MAXv motion controllers and the MAXv interface. Our products are designed to provide high performance, reliability, and flexibility for all types of applications in a wide variety of industries. With our advanced technology and decades of experience in the motion control industry, we can offer solutions that meet the needs of our customers, from the most demanding applications to those requiring cost-effective control. Get a custom quote today to get started!

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