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MAXnet 10-Axis Motion Controller

MAXnet 10-Axis model utilizes the new DBnet daughter board to expand the capability up to 10-axes coordinated motion. This model is the same footprint dimensions as the original MAXnet (4” x 6.5”) and the height is now approximately 1.6”. In addition to the expanded axes of control, this model also includes additional I/O.

MAXnet models 6000 – A000 now support 16 general purpose TTL I/O in addition to 4-channels of general purpose analog input at 16-bit resolution and two additional general purpose analog outputs. The DBnet daughter board also provides additional customization opportunities for expanded capability.



MAXnet-1000Ethernet/RS232 1-Axis Motion Controller and I/O

MAXnet-2000Ethernet/RS232 2-Axis Motion Controller and I/O

MAXnet-3000Ethernet/RS232 3-Axis Motion Controller and I/O

MAXnet-4000Ethernet/RS232 4-Axis Motion Controller and I/O

MAXnet-5000Ethernet/RS232 5-Axis Motion Controller and I/O

MAXnet-6000Ethernet/RS232 6-Axis Motion Controller and I/O

MAXnet-7000Ethernet/RS232 7-Axis Motion Controller and I/O

MAXnet-8000Ethernet/RS232 8-Axis Motion Controller and I/O

MAXnet-9000Ethernet/RS232 9-Axis Motion Controller and I/O

MAXnet-A000Ethernet/RS232 10-Axis Motion Controller and I/O



  • Up to 10-Axes of motion control

  • Ethernet or RS232 communications

  • Ethernet utilizes standard TCP/IP protocol

  • Absolute Encoders (up to 32-bit on all axes option)

  • RS232 baud rate = 9600 to 115.2 K

  • Servo PID update rate of 122 µs on all 5 axes simultaneously

  • Configurable PID filter with feed-forward coefficients

  • Each axis has +/- limit, home, auxiliary out, and axis control out

  • 16 general-purpose bi-directional TTL I/O

  • 2 general-purpose analog outputs with 16 bit, +/-10 VDC input

  • 4 channels of general-purpose analog input with 16-bit (+/-10 VDC)

  • Each axis has an incremental encoder input

  • Quadrature encoder feedback up to 16 MHz on all encoder inputs

  • Step pulses from 0 to 4,194,303 steps per second

  • Accuracy for point-to-point moves +/-0 counts

  • Backlash compensation

  • Custom, parabolic, S-curve, and linear trajectory profiles

  • Real-time encoder position capture

  • S-curve with 4-quadrant jerk parameters

  • Small form-factor, 4"x6.5"x1.64"

  • Over 250 ASCII character commands, universal to current and previous OMS controllers

  • Designed for expandability (custom solutions)



IOMAXnet: IO Breakout Board for MAXnet

CBL58-3M: IO Cable for MAXnet to IOMAXnet, 3 meter

OMS Motion Inc. is a leading innovator in motion control technology. Our MAXnet 10-Axis motion controller provides precise, reliable control of up to ten axes of motion with an intuitive user interface and easy integration into existing manufacturing systems. The MAXnet 10-axis interface allows users to quickly connect and configure the controller for use within a variety of applications, making it simple to use and maintain. Learn more about getting your MAXnet 10-axis today!

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