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The PC78 is both a PC/104 controller that supports the PC/104 ISA bus standard as well as a stand-alone controller via a high speed RS-232 communication port. The PC78 supports up to 24 general purpose TTL I/O. The step pulse is a TTL level 50% duty cycle square wave that supports velocities of 0 through 1,044,000 pulses per second. The encoder feedback functionality supports quadrature encoders up to 12 MHz and is used as feedback for the servo or stepper axes or as independent position feedback.


The encoder feedback can provide slip or stall detection. Every axis includes dedicated opto-isolated +/- over travel inputs, a home input, and an auxiliary output. 


The PC78 is available in several different models at several different prices, so you don’t have to pay for a lot of functionality that you don’t need.







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