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IO68 Breakout Module

The IO68 connects directly to the PC78, PCIx, and UMX via a 68-pin, standard, SCSI-3 style cable, which will keep costs at a minimum. It is available in two versions: the IO68-M for use as a standard breakout module with any PC78, PC68, PCIx, or UMX; and the IO68-I for use as an IO signal breakout module when used with a Px6IO PC68 Series expansion module.


Supported Controllers:  PC78 (IO68-M only), PC68, PCIx, and UMX (IO68-M only)



  • Contains screw terminals rather then D-sub connectors

  • The IO68-M is equipped with noise suppression circuitry for high EMI environments

  • Both the IO68-M and IO68-I have pull-up resistors to ease the hookup of external devices expecting totem-pole TTL signals from the motion controller

  • The IO68-M is compatible with the PC78, PC68, UMX, and PCIx family of controllers

  • Connector block is approximately 2" in height

  • The clearance dimension from the board to the top of the cable including the bending radius is approximately 4.5"

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