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OMD18 Stepper Motor Drive/Controller

The OMD18 is an integrated stepper motor drive and motion controller in one.  Through a simple RS485 communications interface you can control a stepper motor with exceptional control and accuracy. Selectable acceleration ramps at velocities up to 2M steps/sec. Selectable step size resolution from full up to 1/16 fractional step. Its small design is compatible to mount on the back of a stepper motor, and includes a hole in the center so the shaft of a linear actuator motor can pass through when mounted on the motor.



  • Advanced control through RS485 interface

  • Velocity = 0 to 2M steps per second

  • Step resolutions include full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 & 1/16

  • Exceptional accuracy: +/- 0% position, 2% velocity

  • Single supply voltage +8V to +30V

  • 0 to 1.7 amp phase current

  • Center mounting hole for linear actuator stepper motors

  • Easy wiring with screw-terminal connectors

  • No heat-sink required

  • Motor current set through the interface

OMS Motion Inc. is a leader in providing innovative motion control solutions, specializing in the control of motion control with the OMD18 stepper motor drive and controller. Our experience and knowledge allow us to be proactive in engineering custom solutions that meet customers’ exact specifications. With our expertise and competitive pricing, we are dedicated to becoming your one-stop source for all your motion control needs. Partner with us today!

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