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VX2 Family of Multi-Axis
Motion Controllers

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The VX2 is a VME bus motion controller with a step and direction output. Encoder feedback is available as an option on specific models. The VX2 can control up to six axis of motion control. All 6 axes can be coordinated or independent, or can even mix some coordinated and independent at the same time in multi-tasking mode. The VX2 shares the same OMS command language as other OMS controllers and serves as a lower cost solution for a VME bus application. The VX2 has been thoroughly field tested with thousands in applications.



VX2-002 2 open-loop stepper axes

VX2-0044 open-loop stepper axes

VX2-006 6 open-loop stepper axes

VX2-0202 closed-loop (encoder) stepper axes

VX2-022 2 closed-loop and 2 open-loop stepper axes



  • 6 axes of stepper control with up to 2 axes of encoder feedback

  • Encoder feedback rate to 12 MHz

  • Circular interpolation

  • Custom, parabolic, cosine, linear trajectory profiles

  • Patented technology to minimize torque ripple and velocity modulation

  • Internal watchdog timer for safety

  • Non-volatile program storage and parameter storage

  • All connections at the VME bus P2 connector

  • Up to 8 general-purpose user I/Os

  • Interrupt or Polling communication

  • Crystal controlled step pulse from 0 to 1,044,000 steps per second

  • Dedicated home and +/- over-travel inputs for each axis

  • Over 150 commands, universal to all OMS controllers

  • Customizable solutions available for your requirements

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