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VS4 Family of Multi-Axis
Motion Controllers

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The VS4 is a VME bus 4-axis motion controller with a step and direction output and encoder feedback on all axes. The VS4 can control two or four axes of motion that can be coordinated or independent, or can even mix some coordinated and independent at the same time in multi-tasking mode. The VS4 shares the same OMS command language as other OMS controllers and serves as a lower cost solution for a VME bus application. The VS4 has been thoroughly field tested with thousands of them installed in applications.



VS4-020 2 Closed-Loop Stepper Axes

VS4-0404 Closed-Loop Stepper Axes



  • 4 axes of stepper control with encoder feedback on each axis

  • Encoder feedback rate to 12 MHz

  • Circular interpolation

  • Custom, parabolic, cosine, linear trajectory profiles

  • Patented technology to minimize torque ripple and velocity modulation

  • Internal watchdog timer for safety

  • Non-volatile program storage and parameter storage

  • All connections at the VME bus P2 connector

  • Up to 12 general-purpose user I/O

  • Interrupt or Polling communication

  • Crystal controlled step pulse from 0 to 1,044,000 steps per second

  • Dedicated home and +/- over-travel inputs for each axis

  • Over 150 commands, universal to all OMS controllers

  • Customizable solutions available for your requirements

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