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Linear Actuator Stepper Motor Size 8

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NEMA size 8 PLM Linear Actuator Stepper Motor Models


Download the data-sheet for models, part numbers and additional information.



  • Eliminates additional shaft couplings

  • Reduced tolerance stack-up

  • Improves performance

  • Customizable to unique requirements

  • External linear (rotating shaft)

  • Non-captive (internal rotating chuck)

OMS Motion Inc. offers the highest-quality linear actuator stepper motor size 8 available on the market today. Our NEMA size 8 PLM motor features a high-end brushless design, enabling precise motion control and a long life expectancy. This motor is suitable for many applications in different industries, including medical and aerospace engineering. Our linear actuator stepper motor size 8 is made with the highest-quality materials and components, offering superior performance and reliability. Experience the best in motion control technology—choose OMS Motion Inc. for your next project!

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