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Linear Actuator Stepper Motor Size 14

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NEMA size 14 PLM Linear Actuator Stepper Motor Model


Download the data-sheet for models and part numbers.



  • Eliminates additional shaft couplings

  • Reduced tolerance stack-up

  • Improves performance

  • Customizable to unique requirements

  • External linear (rotating shaft)

  • Non-captive (internal rotating chuck)

OMS Motion Inc. specializes in offering cutting-edge linear actuator solutions that are designed with NEMA size 14 PLM motors. Our motion control components are a perfect fit for applications such as medical equipment, elevator systems, factory automation, and much more. Our custom-built linear actuator stepper motor in size 14 is engineered to provide smooth and precise operation even in extreme conditions. With our unique design, you can be sure that your linear actuator will perform reliably and consistently every time. Get your quote today to get started!

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