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Linear Actuator Stepper Motor Size 23

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NEMA size 23 PLM Linear Actuator Stepper Motor Models


Download to see data-sheet for models and part numbers



  • Eliminates additional shaft couplings

  • Reduced tolerance stack-up

  • Improves performance

  • Customizable to unique requirements

  • External linear (rotating shaft)

  • Non-captive (internal rotating chuck)

OMS Motion Inc. specializes in the production of high-performance NEMA size 23 PLM motors for linear actuators. Our specialized motor is perfect for applications requiring precise positioning, such as robotic arms, medical equipment, and other industrial machinery. We offer a variety of sizes, allowing our customers to find the best fit for their application. OMS Motion Inc. linear actuator stepper motors in size 23 are built to last with superior quality and durability at competitive prices. Learn about all the ways our technology can serve your applications!

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