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PC48 Multi-Axis Motion Control


The PC48 is an ISA bus-based motion controller. This unit can control up to 8 stepper axes depending on model.



PC48-22 open-loop stepper axes

PC48-2E2 closed-loop (encoder) stepper axes

PC48-44 open-loop stepper axes

PC48-4E4 closed-loop (encoder) stepper axes

PC48-66 open-loop stepper axes

PC48-6E6 closed-loop (encoder) stepper axes

PC48-88 open-loop stepper axes



  • 1 to 8 axes

  • Each axis has a pair of limits and one home input per axis plus an auxiliary output for driver current control

  • Up to 22 user-definable TTL I/O lines

  • Compatible with the IO38 breakout board

  • Independent and coordinated motion of all axes

  • Software for Windows® 95 and Windows® NT

  • Constant velocity linear interpolation (all axes)

  • Custom parabolic, cosine, and linear trajectory profiles

  • Encoder feedback is available

  • Electronic gearing

  • Circular interpolation

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