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The OMDE2 is an advanced stepper motor drive and motion controller with encoder feedback input in one small compact size. Through a simple RS485 communications interface you can control a stepper motor with exceptional capabilities and accuracy with simple ASCII character commands. Incremental encoder feedback provides high reso-lution and speed for critical applications. Selectable velocities up to 2M steps/sec. Motor step size resolution is selectable up to 1/256 microstep. Its small design is compatible to mount on a NEMA 23 stepper motor or remotely, and includes a hole in the center so the shaft of a linear actuator motor can pass through when mounted on the motor.

• Single supply voltage +12V to +50V
• 0 to 2.5 amp phase current for high torque motors
• No heat-sink required for typical current
• Motor current set through the interface
 Use existing motors or select optimum motor for the application for cost control and best performance
• Screw-terminal connector plugs for convenient wiring
• LED indicator for status

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