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OMDE2 Stepper Motor Drive and Controller

The OMDE2 is an advanced stepper motor drive and motion controller with encoder feedback input in one small compact size. Through a simple RS485 communications interface you can control a stepper motor with exceptional capabilities and accuracy with simple ASCII character commands. Incremental encoder feedback provides high reso-lution and speed for critical applications. Selectable velocities up to 2M steps/sec. Motor step size resolution is selectable up to 1/256 microstep. Its small design is compatible to mount on a NEMA 23 stepper motor or remotely, and includes a hole in the center so the shaft of a linear actuator motor can pass through when mounted on the motor.

• Single supply voltage +12V to +50V
• 0 to 2.5 amp phase current for high torque motors
• No heat-sink required for typical current
• Motor current set through the interface
Use existing motors or select optimum motor for the application for cost control and best performance
• Screw-terminal connector plugs for convenient wiring
• LED indicator for status

OMS Motion Inc. is a leading provider of stepper motor drives and motion controllers, with our OMDE2 single-axis drive/controller. Our products are designed to offer reliable, high-performance solutions for robotics, automation, and other industrial applications. Our OMDE2 drive enables smooth, accurate control of motion and delivers outstanding performance in demanding conditions. The OMDE2 boasts advanced features such as position tracking, velocity control, and acceleration/deceleration profiles. Partner with a team member today to learn more about our advanced technology. 

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