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OMD34b Microstep Motor Drive

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The OMD34b is a new and improved version of the original OMD34, advanced microstepping motor drive for bipolar stepper motors. Like the previous version this new drive is capable of microstepping from half steps up to 256 microsteps per step. Improvements include 4x the maximum step rate, smaller size, up to 3.5 Amp phase current without a heat-sink.  The new small size (2.22" x 2.22") comes mounted on a flat heat-sink plate though the OMD34b can be mounted directly to a size 23 motor and supports a center pass-through hole for motor shaft of dual-shaft or linear actuator motors.



  • Micro-Step resolution from full to 1/256 microsteps

  • Bi-polar chopper drive

  • Single +18V to +80V motor supply input

  • Up to 7 Amp phase current for high torque motors

  • Resolution and phase current selectable via dip switch

  • Electrically isolated control signals

  • Easy wiring with screw-terminal connectors

  • Compact, measuring only 2.22" x 2.22" x 1.4"

OMS Motion Inc. is dedicated to providing reliable and efficient motion control solutions for our customers. Our advanced product, the OMD34b microstep motor drive, is a comprehensive motor driver that offers unparalleled precision and power. It allows users to create complex yet accurate automated movement systems with ease and confidence. The OMD34b microstep driver also incorporates an integrated safety feature for potential failures. Learn more about our advanced technology today!

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