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OMD23b Microstep Motor Drive

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The OMD23b is new and improved model of the original OMD23-2, an Microstepping motor drive for bipolar stepper motors. This new version, like the previous version, is capable of microstepping from full steps up to 256 microsteps per step. The new small size (2.22" x 2.22") and supports a center hole for mounting directly to a size 23 motor so that the shaft can pass through.  Supports speeds double that of the previous model (1MHz pulse rate) and can provide 2.5 Amp phase current. 



  • Step resolution from full to 1/256 microsteps

  • Up to 2.5 Amp phase current for high torque motors

  • No heat-sink required for typical current

  • Step velocity = 0 to 1M steps per second

  • Motor phase current selectable via dip switch for predictable results

  • Electrically isolated control signals

  • Easy wiring with screw-termial connectors

  • Compact, measuring only 2.22" x 2.22" x 1.3"

OMS Motion Inc. is a leading provider of motion control solutions for industrial automation applications. Our OMD23b microstep motor drive is an advanced and reliable solution built with precision and quality components. It offers scalable performance, high-speed operation, and low power consumption making it ideal for use in robotics, CNC machines, servo systems, medical equipment, and many other industrial applications. Learn the distinct advantages of the OMD23b system with OMS Motion Inc. today!

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