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OMD17b Fractional Step Drive



The OMD17b is an advanced stepper motor fractional step drive that supports selectable step size resolution from full to step up to 1/16 fractional step. Its small design is set up to mount on the back of a NEMA 17 size step motor for a compact solution for your motion control needs.



  • Step resolutions include full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, & 1/16

  • Single motor supply voltage +8V to +35V

  • 0 to 1.5 Amp phase current (adjustable with axial resistor)

  • Center mounting hole for linear actuator stepper motors

  • LED power indicator

  • Control voltage +5V to 20V

  • Easy wiring with screw-terminal connectors

  • Current-set resistor

  • No heat-sink required

OMS Motion Inc. specializes in the development of high-performance motion control technology, including the economical OMD17b fractional step drive. This technology enables precise positioning accuracy and smooth operation with minimal vibration at an affordable price for a variety of industrial applications. With its easy integration and reliable performance, the OMD17b system makes it easy to create efficient and cost-effective motion solutions. Partner with OMS today to learn more!

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