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Serial Motion Controllers

The MAXnet is a 5 ½ motion controller for automated equipment, robotics, and applications requiring accuracy, precision, and flexibility. The Ethernet interface utilizes standard TCP/IP protocol for compatibility and can virtually be controlled and/or monitored from almost anywhere. A high-speed RS232 serial interface is included at baud rates of 9600 to 115.2k. In addition to the limits, home and motion control signals the MAXnet includes 8 bi-directional I/O, 5-outputs, 2-analog inputs and 1-analog output (the ½ axis). OMS motion controllers have a 35+ year reputation of reliability and performance and the MAXnet is no exception. On-board Flash memory can store macro programs for stand-alone applications. The MAXnet firmware can be upgraded through the Ethernet or serial interfaces allowing the controller to be embedded in systems without the need for removal. The IODnet interconnect module stacks on the MAXnet for a compact system with convenient screw terminal connection.
A key feature of the MAXnet is the expansion interface for daughter boards that provide unmatched flexibility and help minimize the need for third party controls. This interface utilizes the Port-X interface of the on-board PowerPC to control these specialized add-on solutions that are tightly coupled to the motion for most any application. Requirements that fall between a custom daughter board and the need for additional features OMS can customize the controller to provide a competitive advantage that could not otherwise be realized.

The PC78 is both a PC/104 controller that supports the PC/104 ISA bus standard as well as a stand-alone controller via a high speed RS-232 communication port. The PC78 supports up to 24 general purpose TTL I/O. The step pulse is a TTL level 50% duty cycle square wave that supports velocities of 0 through 1,044,000 pulses per second. The encoder feedback functionality supports quadrature encoders up to 12 MHz and is used as feedback for the servo or stepper axes or as independent position feedback.

The encoder feedback can provide slip or stall detection. Every axis includes dedicated opto-isolated +/- over travel inputs, a home input, and an auxiliary output. The PC78 is available in several different models at several different prices so that you don’t have to pay for a lot of functionality that you don’t need.

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