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The IODnet is an interconnect board designed to be mounted on top of a MAXnet controller for easy connectivity.  The IODnet supports up to five (5) axis and is typically sold with the MAXnet and installed at the factory.  There is an optional vertical mount power connector on the top of the IODnet that can power the IODnet and MAXnet in place of the MAXnet power connector.


Microstep Motor Driver, OMD23b

· Step resolution from Full to 1/256 microsteps

· Bi-polar chopper drive

· 0.0 to 2.5 Amp phase current

· Microstepping and phase current are selectable

· Electrically isolated control signals

· Easy wiring with screw-terminal connectors


The IOMAXnet will connect to the MAXnet series of motion        controllers via our 100-pin cable (CBL58-3M). IOMAXnet contains screw terminals for easy custom wiring and is equipped with over current circuitry on the supply voltage. The IOMAXnet is compatible with the MAXnet family of motion controllers.

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